Change of Control Agreements

Change in control agreements are often critical to entrepreneurs and executives with significant equity in their employers because a well-drafted change in control agreement may protect their equity if their employer is sold or otherwise undergoes a corporate change in control. A change in control agreement is a contract which describes the benefits and protections the employee will receive in the event the employer is sold or its assets divested. One common situation where the executive or entrepreneur frequently needs protection occurs when the executive’s or entrepreneur’s employer is involved in an M & A (merger and acquisition) transaction and is not the surviving entity.

Law Offices of Jotham S. Stein P.C. attorneys often advise their clients about change of control agreements (or negotiate those agreements on behalf of their clients), and the risks of not having change in control protection. We offer advice on single trigger change in control agreements (where the change in control triggers the benefits) and double trigger change in control agreements (where the benefits are triggered after both a corporate change in control and another event, typically a termination of employment), as well as hybrid change in control agreements.

If you have questions or concerns about a change in control agreement or would like to understand or negotiate for one, then the Law Offices of Jotham S. Stein P.C. may be right for you.