Employment Law

LOJSSPC attorneys have represented hundreds and hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs in their...
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Business Advice, Contracts & Negotiation

LOJSSPC attorneys have been offering business advice and counseling for more than twenty years...
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& Litigation

LOJSSPC has represented numerous corporations and individuals in state and federal courts and in arbitration...
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Representing Individuals in the VC, PE & IB Space

We represent VCs, private equity principals & investment bankers in their professional relationships...
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Representing Individuals

LOJSSPC attorneys have negotiated (or counseled individual clients during the negotiation of) numerous professional agreements...
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Representing Businesses

LOJSSPC has represented myriad businesses for over twenty years, from high tech public companies to...
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The Book All Executives Must Read

For lawyers and the executives they represent, as well as in-house counsel responsible for advising their employer or executive compensation committee on executive hiring, retention or termination matters; Executive Employment Law: Protecting Executives, Entrepreneurs and Employees serves as an invaluable tool for navigating executive employment-related negotiations and the laws governing executive employment.

Executive Employment Law Book